The Melanin Suite

A Gathering Space for Black Women Leaders to Thrive

Ready, Set, Soar!

In the Melanin Suite™, we reimagine leadership for Black women who dare to be powerful. We envision a future that celebrates, supports, and empowers Black women to lead transformative change, rewrite the narratives of success, and thrive authentically and boldly.  

Our mission is to empower Black women in leadership roles by fostering a vibrant and supportive community. We provide exclusive coaching, expert insights, and invaluable resources to help you overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and achieve your fullest potential. Together, we thrive, elevate, and transform the landscape of leadership.

Hello & Welcome


Sis, you belong here

The Melanin Suite™ is a community designed especially for Black women in leadership roles who want to feel safe, nurtured, nourished, and empowered so they can lead and thrive in any space as their highest, most authentic and unapologetic self. 

We are a sisterhood that celebrates and uplifts each other as we discover our power and resilience, stand in our truth, and create a leadership journey that aligns with our values, goals, and dreams.

Here, you can take off your cape, put down your armor, and know that you are seen, valued, and respected. We recognize the unique obstacles and challenges that Black women face as the first, only, or among the few in leadership, and we work together to overcome them.

Here, we center the voices and realities of Black women and we've created a space for us and our *ish. This is where we gather to rest, renew, connect, build, and then soar. In this space, we will be each other's comfort and champion, hold each other's stories, and pour into each other with wisdom, honesty, and hard lessons learned. 

Here, we have curated tools, resources, and support to help each of us gain more clarity and confidence to think bigger, act decisively, and dare to be more powerful. 

Sis, you belong here!

Is this you?

Do you ever experience feelings of isolation, loneliness, or invisibility in your position or at your organization?

Are you the first, the only, or among the few Black women leaders in your organization or profession?

Are you looking for a safe space to be transparent and authentic about the good and the bad of your leadership journey?

Do you need more clarity and confidence to navigate barriers and overcome limiting beliefs?

Do you want to create or expand your circle of support among Black women who have shared experiences and just "get it"?

You're in the right place if you are...

  • willing to be transparent, open, and honest about your doubts and fears and what's driving them.

  • ready to be brave, not perfect, about pushing through your limiting beliefs and reclaiming your magic.

  • prepared to step up or step out in order to create the life that aligns with your values and dreams.

  • determined to recapture that lost ambition so you can make an impact in your world
  • ready to overcome your biggest obstacles so you can finally reach your true potential

What you'll find inside the Melanin Suite™

Sisterhood. Experience the power of belonging in a safe, collaborative space where you can   celebrate your wins and share your challenges among a supportive community of high       achieving women who are also on their leadership empowerment journey.

Empowerment. Level up with coaching designed to empower you to overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate transformative mindset shifts, and take purposeful action towards your dreams and goals. 

Community. Intimate hangouts with guest coaches, thought leaders, and experts as well as sessions co-created by our community members.   

Support. Anytime access to curated inspiration and resources guiding you along your journey whenever you need it.

Engagement. Discussion forums to get tips and advice from your peers and a great way to stay on track and accountable

Are you ready?

As soon as you step inside the Melanin Suite™, you will find a sisterhood and network of support ready to embrace you. This is our sanctuary, our gathering place designed for us by us.

All you have to do is show up as you are, perfectly imperfect, and share your Black Girl Magic.


We are so excited for you to join us on this journey!
Welcome to the Melanin Suite™ 

Let's get started!

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